Zach Bryan’s “Something In The Orange” Is The Longest Charting Country Single For A Male Artist On Billboard Hot 100 Chart

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Trevor Pavlik

If there ever was such a thing as a breakout hit, then it would certainly be Zach Bryan’s “Something in the Orange.”

Of course, it was included on his massive major label debut studio album, the 34-song American Heartbreak album last year, and was also certified 4x Platinum in June.

And it’s now officially the longest charting country single of all-time for a male artist on Billboard’s Hot 100, after 65 consecutive weeks there.

Currently sitting at #18, “Orange” also surpasses Carrie Underwood’s “Before he Cheats” to become the second longest-charting country song of all time, following Leann Rimes’ “How Do I Live” at 69 straight weeks.

It also became a hit at country radio, far exceeding anyone’s expectations as there was no initial first push to even get it on the radio, where it initially started charting organically at stations across the country because it became such a fast fan-favorite.

And while the beautiful songwriting and meaningful lyrics on the Zach solo-write immediately caught my attention when he first teased it late in 2021, Zach said in an interview with Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen a while back that there’s not really any deep meaning behind it.

He added that so many people think it was over some “deep, dark thing” that maybe happened in his personal life, but he really just got the idea randomly while staying at a cabin in Wisconsin:

“‘Something In the Orange’ was a weird song because everyone thinks it was over some deep, dark thing. And it was just me in a cabin in Wisconsin.

And I was like, I thought about the word orange, and I was watching the sunset, and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a cool story to tell in a song,’ you know?”

Of course, regardless of the story behind it or how it came to be, the single (along with the aforementioned album) has certainly pushed Zach into the forefront of mainstream country (whether he loves that part or not), and he even took home his first major award this year when he won the ACM trophy for New Male Artist of the Year in May.

And if you’re as excited for new Zach Bryan music as I am, you’re in luck, because he recently said on Twitter that the album is officially done and he self-produced it for the first time, which will add a neat layer to the listening experience for sure.

He also confirmed recently that it will be dropping in August, and has even been teasing some new stuff that seems likely to be featured on the 11-song tracklist.

I already love this one called “I Remember Everything”:

“Something In The Orange”

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