Zach Bryan Is Officially Pushing “Something In the Orange” As A Single At Mainstream Country Radio

Zach Bryan country music

Could “Something in the Orange” be Zach Bryan’s first #1 hit at mainstream country radio?

It’s not impossible…

He is officially sending it to radio as his next single, and it will impact immediately (which means stations can start adding it into the rotation at any time now):

Though the song did previously chart at country radio, as it debuted at #59 on the U.S. Billboard Country Airplay chart in July, it was never officially being pushed by his label, Warner Records.

Meaning, there were no marketing dollars or any further effort being made by the label to encourage DJ’s to play it, which is typically how most songs end up on that specific Billboard chart.

From his 34-track behemoth of a major label debut album American Heartbreak that he dropped earlier this year, “Something in the Orange” quickly became a fan-favorite, and has been crushing it in terms of streaming numbers ever since.

The song also previously debuted at #55 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in May, as well as debuting at #1 on the Emerging Artist Chart.

So, yeah… the numbers look great, and it has clearly resonated with his fans, but we’ll really have to wait and see if country radio takes to it or not if it’s going to continue to climb the charts.

Seeing as the song already broke into the Top 50 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart (which is one of two charts labels use to officially track their songs performance), it seems like an easy decision to send it to country radio. It’s not like it can hurt anything at this point, whether or not it ever peaks in the Top 10.

Pushing “Orange” as a single sort of falls in line with a recent decision by Cody Jinks to send his Platinum single “Loud and Heavy” to country radio, as well.

And though it’s a small victory at this point, I’d definitely still file it in the “win” column for artists outside of the Nashville machine everywhere, and I’m excited to see how “Orange” does on local FM stations across America.

Hey, if we keep trending like this, I might actually turn on country radio every now and then…

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