Zach Bryan Says He Self-Produced New Album Coming Soon: “One Of The Most Challenging And Honest Things I Have Ever Done”

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It sounds like new Zach Bryan is coming SOON.

He shared an update on Instagram earlier saying that a new project is basically complete, after he’s been recording with his band at the famous MilkBoy Studio in Philadelphia.

And not only does it sound like the album is done, Zach said that he self-produced the record, a first for him, adding that it was “one of the most challenging and honest things I have ever done”:

“Thank you MilkBoy Studio and to all the people I love that made this album with me. Was one of the most challenging and honest things I have ever done.

Philadelphia will forever be in my heart. There are no words that could possibly describe what creating this felt like.

I love you guys and thank you for letting my best friends and me make music. Finally produced my own album.”

Of course, Zach writes all of his own music, but it will be really fun to hear these new tunes knowing he was in charge of every single bit of what went on in the studio in terms of production, mixing and all of those sorts of creative decisions, too.

He also previously teased a feature with the uber-talented Sierra Ferrell was in the works (who is featured in a picture on the 7th slide of the carousel below), so it looks like we have that to look forward to, as well:

Zach also already confirmed on Twitter that the tracklist will feature 11 songs, which is merely a fraction of the massive 34-song debut studio album American Heartbreak he put out last year.

And while that project was a breakout record for him, Zach says he’s in his “quality over quantity era” now:

Here’s a little clip of what’s to come, straight from the studio not too long ago…

There is no official confirmation of a release date or album title, but with as much as he’s been sharing and teasing about it lately, I think it will certainly be sooner rather than later…

Here’s a few more studio teasers, where Zach also confirmed the album was coming “soon”:

“Album soon. This one was for me, I do not care if you like it. I love you guys and thank you so much for getting us this far.”

Get excited and buckle up…

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