“Honky Tonk As Hell” – Miranda Lambert On The Sound Of Her Upcoming Album

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Cooper Norland

As if I wasn’t already excited enough for Miranda Lambert’s next album…

She revealed in an interview with US Weekly that it’s the most “me” record she’s ever made, adding that the influences came from music that’s inspired her throughout her life… oh, and she also added that it’s “honky tonk as hell.”

Miranda has never veered too far from a decidedly “country” sound, but it sounds like this project might be a little bit different from what we’ve heard on past projects and I love the concept of it already:

“I feel like it’s one of the most ‘me’ records I’ve ever made. It’s really a kind of a time capsule of all of the music that’s inspired me, and it’s honky tonk as hell. It’s country, and luckily country is really getting a moment right now.”

She certainly right about that… everyone from Post Malone to Beyoncé is jumping on the country “trend,” for lack of a better word, but nobody does it better than Miranda and I think she’s about to show everybody exactly why that is once again.

Miranda also told the outlet that she’s excited to be able to lean into her “singer-songwriter roots” with her new label, and her goal as an artist is still very simple: to write songs that move people and play them for her fans:

“Signing with Republic and partnering with Big Loud as my Nashville team, it’s kind of a new inspiration, because it’s people that I haven’t got to work with before but I’ve known for a while.

They really are interested in what I have to say still, and as a singer-songwriter, that’s all I ever wanted is to write songs and move people and go out in the world and play them, you know? It’s that simple for me.”

The Texas native recently signed a deal with global label Republic records and partnered with Nashville-based label Big Loud to help with country radio promotion, in addition to other marketing and strategic efforts.

Miranda also started a new venture as partner at a brand new label, an offshoot of Big Loud called Big Loud Texas, so it made sense for her make a deal like this, and hopefully it will serve her well in terms of reaching a much broader audience beyond her country fanbase having Republic involved.

There’s no official word yet on when her (unnamed) album will be released, but it should be sometime in 2024, and I really cannot wait. Miranda most recently released her Palomino album back in 2022, so I’d say we’re long overdue for a new project at this point…

The lead single, “Wranglers,” was released last week, and it’s a fiery, vengeful song about a woman “taking her power back” and settling the score when someone does her wrong, which is just classic Miranda and a strong way to start this next era.

Check it out:


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