Zach Bryan Teases New Song “I Remember Everything,” And I Really Hope It Makes The Next Album

Zach Bryan country music
Instagram/Zach Bryan

I already have a favorite song from Zach Bryan’s new album.

He previously confirmed a new record is coming in August, which he’d previously said would be titled Writers & Fighters (though that’s obviously subject to change and was never really confirmed), and was recorded with his band at the famous MilkBoy Studio in Philadelphia.

Zach also said that he self-produced the project, a first for him, calling it “one of the most challenging and honest things I have ever done.”

Here’s a teaser of a song seemingly called “Tourniquet” that will likely be featured on the forthcoming 11-song tracklist, where he also mentioned it was coming in August:

@zachlanebryanMontana bound baby! Albums in August!♬ original sound – Zach Bryan

And today, Zach teased another new tune over on Instagram called “I Remember Everything,” which finds him reminiscing on a past relationship and admitting that he remembers every little moment and fleeting evening they spent together:

“Cold shoulder at closing time,
You were begging me to stay ’til the sun rose,
Strange words come out of a grown man’s mouth
When his mind’s broke

Pictures and passing time
You only smile like that when you’re drinking
Wish I didn’t but I do
Remember every moment from the night’s with you”

In my opinion, Zach has really never put out a bad song, but there’s just something special about this one that I already love.

Sometimes the best songs are the ones you love but can’t figure out exactly what it is you love so much, if that makes any sense at all, and this one just caught my ear from the first note.

And it stands to reason that he’s teasing it because it’s one of the songs that’s dropping next month, and I really hope that’s the case, because I need the studio version of this about like I need oxygen in my lungs:

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