Ranking The All-Time Best Mullets In Country Music

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It’s almost Mullet Championship Week.

I know what you’re thinking: That’s a thing? Well you’re damn right it is.

Next week, some of the most impressive mullets in the country will compete for the title of the best mullet in all the land in the USA Mullet Championship, an annual competition that not only celebrates the iconic hairstyle but also raises money for Homes for Wounded Warriors.

And what’s not to celebrate about the mullet?

Business up front, party in back. The hairstyle had a heyday back in the 90’s, and then for some (inexplicable) reason, fell out of favor in the early 2000’s.

Slowly but surely, though, country artists have started to realize the power that a good mullet can bring, and we’ve seen them popping up on heads of some of the biggest stars over the past few years.

So in honor of the classic hairstyle, I thought now would be a good time to look back and rank some of the all-time great mullets in country music. And maybe try to harness some of that big mullet energy for myself.

12. Vince Gill

Gotta be honest, I had actually completely forgotten that Vince Gill even had a mullet. Not a good sign when people don’t even remember you had a mullet, so this mullet definitely loses points there. But it’s still a solid mullet – nice and full in the back, strong sideburns game and well kept up top. Vince’s mullet was also short lived, so his lack of a commitment to the mullet life keeps him down on the list of country music mullets.

11. Jake Worthington

A newcomer to country music but already making the list of greatest mullets. Keep an eye on Jake – not only for his killer country music, but also for his killer flow.

10. Tim McGraw

These days Tim McGraw is looking more like a guy you’d on the cover of GQ Magazine. But back when he first burst onto the country music scene, Tim was rocking this absolutely glorious mullet.

The mullet and mustache combo, the black cowboy hat like he’s here to steal your girl and take her to a fancy dinner at Applebees…that’s a guy I’d have a beer with. These days Tim McGraw looks more like a guy who’d invite you to the gym before he heads out on his fishing boat off the coast of his private island. 

The mullet era also happened to be when Tim was releasing some of best music. Coincidence? Maybe. But all I’m saying is mullet Tim McGraw never released a song as bad as “Truck Yeah.”

9. Toby Keith

We have our first perm mullet here with this masterpiece from Toby Keith. A little messy? Sure. But once again, Toby’s best music was from back in the mullet era, so maybe we have ourselves a trend here. I mean, just look at that swag.

8. Keith Whitley

The late, great Keith Whitley took the permed mullet to a whole new level. Some even say that his mullet walked so Toby Keith’s could run. The curl, the volume…this is a hall of fame mullet right here.

7. Blake Shelton

Just look at that flow.

The length, the curl, the volume…Blake Shelton‘s mullet had it all. Sadly it seems like Blake’s best mullet days are behind him after he recently tried to bring the look back and, well, this was the result.

But damn if it wasn’t great while it lasted.

6. Morgan Wallen

The most famous of the young guns of the mullet game. And damn does this mullet bring the heat.

Clean, close-cut sides, a well-kept top, and then just absolute heat in the back. Morgan Wallen is practically challenging this generation of country dudes to step up and challenge his mullet domination. Will anybody throw their hat (and their hair) into the ring?

5. Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence just seems like a really down to earth dude. But his mullet was absolutely out of this world.

Clean on the sides and just absolutely flowing in the back. Great volume, a little bit of curl…you just know that if you see this guy sitting at a bar, you’re going to end up throwing back shots of whiskey until you black out and probably lose your wallet and dignity in the process. There’s no keeping up with somebody who has the power of this mullet behind them.

4. Alan Jackson

Pure sex. I mean, do I really need to say any more about this mullet from the legendary Alan Jackson? (Bonus points for absolutely killing the jean shirt look).

Oh, and if that isn’t enough? What about a barefoot Alan Jackson rocking a flannel and a majestic mullet while lounging in his boat?

3. Travis Tritt

The thing I respect most about Travis Tritt is his dedication to the mullet. Ever since he burst onto the country music scene, Travis has never wavered in his commitment to living the mullet life. And every mullet that he’s rocked has been perfect in its own way.

There’s the blue-collar, guy-in-a-dive-bar mullet of the 90’s: A little fluffy on top, long enough to rest on his shoulders and just powering him to make some of the absolute best music of the decade.

And then there’s the classier, more refined mullet that Travis sports now. It’s the elusive “mature mullet” – a mullet that’s hard to pull off, but one that Travis makes look effortless.

That’s some mullet versatility right there, folks.

2. Joe Diffie

The ultimate dad mullet. Fluffy, great length, excellent coverage in the back… Joe Diffie just exuded both sex and “I probably have time to finish mowing this lawn before it rains.”

Without a doubt one of the best to ever do it in the mullet game.

Before we get to the top spot, let’s check out a couple of honorable mentions:

Marty Stuart

Luke Combs

Aaron Tippin

Jelly Roll

Jelly would have been ranked if he hadn’t recently decided to cut off his glorious mullet. Let that be a lesson, Jelly Roll. The mullet should make a comeback.


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And the winner is…

1. Billy Ray Cyrus

Was there any question which mullet would top the list? It’s the most famous mullet in country music – hell, maybe the most famous mullet EVER. It’s the mullet that you think of when you hear the word “mullet.” If you look up Big Mullet Energy in a dictionary, you’d find a picture of this mullet. The mullet of all mullets. And it belongs, of course, to Billy Ray Cyrus.

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