Jelly Roll Hesitantly Cut Off His Signature Mullet, But The Internet Loves It: “Did I F*ck Up?”

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Jelly Roll has always been confident in himself and his look ever since he burst into the music industry, and he’s kept that same energy as an upcoming country music star.

Part of his signature look has been his long, curly hair (usually flowing out of the back of a backwards hat), but that apparently all changed yesterday.

Jelly Roll posted a TikTok video chronicling his big haircut, and though he was hesitant about it, the look grew on him as he got towards the end of the video.

He started the video with a thought-provoking question:

“You ever woke up and just felt like ‘f*** it?’ That’s exactly how I woke up feeling this morning.”

You know, sometimes I do wake up and think that Jelly Roll. Thank you for asking. Usually when I ask myself that though, it’s just me deciding to go back to sleep. I don’t usually make any life changing decisions.

This might not have been “life changing,” but it was still a huge transformation for the “Son of a Sinner” singer. The TikTok continued with a play-by-play of the haircut, with Jelly providing commentary along the way:

“You can clearly see it in my face right now that I am second-guessing this decision. I mean, as soon as he started spraying that hair down.”

Thankfully, Jelly Roll had his supportive wife Bunnie XO to cheer him on through the whole thing. She even said that a ton of other women on social media had been clamoring for Jelly to cut his hair for years, so she (along with Jelly Roll faithful) were excited to see the final result.

As more and more hair fell to the ground, at one point Jelly picked up some off the ground and hilariously blew it out of his hands like it was pixie dust. While he was doing so, he continued:

“Oh my God, look at it dude! It feels weird, I just went to flip my hair and it wasn’t there. I keep reaching back because I’m so used to twiddling it.

Did I f*** up?”

Love that. He kept switching back and forth from being excited to second-guessing everything. I can relate to that.

Later on, he was in the “thrilled” stage again, and as he was admiring the hair on the ground, Jelly said:

“Look at the curls dude! Gah, I even brushed them before the haircut and the curls are still just curling. That looks like a snake, it’s a perfect curl. I can’t believe I cut my curls.”

Again, there is the flip-flop back and forth, but as he conceded in the next part of the TikTok, there was no turning back now:

“And this clip is about acceptance. You can see that I have accepted it and there’s nothing I can do.”

To end the video, Jelly Roll showed off his fresh cut (and his fancy bidet) in the bathroom mirror. In this era of social media, he bravely invited people to let him know what they thought:

“Alright y’all I did it man, I did it, dude. Everybody let me know what you think. Leave a comment, tell me the truth.”

Thankfully, pretty much everyone in the comments was on board with Jelly Roll’s new look. Nearly every reply was positive and supportive, which has somewhat restored my faith in humanity (at least as social media commentators).

The replies read:


“It looks so good”

“Looks awesome…you look 10 years younger.”

“Very nice. A nice summer cut. Good for you! Very classy cut.”

Take a look at Jelly Roll’s transformation below:

@officialjellyrollCant believe I did it man!!!

♬ original sound – Jelly Roll

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