The Chargers’ Social Media Team Won The NFL Schedule Release Again With An Immaculate Video Set Inside ‘The Sims’

Los Angeles Chargers

It’s over. Everyone can go home. Shut off all other NFL schedule release programming. Don’t bother with anyone else’s “clever” videos to reveal the order of their 18-week lineup of opponents. The Tennessee Titans rivaled the Los Angeles Chargers last year with their on-the-street Broadway interviews to reveal their schedule, but went back to that well again this year to still-funny, not quite as good results.

Meanwhile, on the heels of the last two years’ epic anime sagas, rife with deep-cut, obscure references only the most diehard fans could appreciate, the Chargers’ social media team came from the top rope with a totally fresh approach for 2024. They set their entire schedule release video inside The Sims and somehow pulled it off. I’m blown away.

It’s widely known that the Bolts’ social crew is the best in the game. If there were Super Bowls handed out for such savvy creative chops, the Chargers wouldn’t be longingly looking up to their AFC West big brother, the back-to-back reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Their schedule reveal was a hydraulic press of crushing different objects associated with their adversaries’ cities.

CoOl I GuEsS?

Let’s jump back to the Chargers. Any crestfallen fan of that long-suffering franchise couldn’t be blamed whatsoever for abandoning ship. However, when you have a social media team this strong and are making maybe the biggest head coaching upgrade in NFL history from Brandon Staley to Jim Harbaugh, the biggest cynic’s faith can be restored.

Rather than breaking down every single detail of LA’s Sims video, I’ll just name some of the bits I thought were best. Can’t help but start with the Chiefs. How about the bit where Travis Kelce records his New Heights podcast, sees Taylor Swift through the window, and hops on her ginormous private jet for an impromptu romantic getaway? Absolutely genius.

My next-favorite Michael Penix Jr. walking into an Atlanta club with a shirtless Falcons quarterback Kirk Cousins in the DJ booth? Perfectly captures the awkwardness of that QB room. Then the Brothers Harbaugh (John coaches the Ravens) having a pillow fight in their shared bedroom, with Jim’s vision board serving as an awesome Easter egg. The only thing on it is an RV. Here’s where that comes from:

…Oh you thought I wasn’t going to bring up the Chiefs again? Not content to merely say they were playing against Kansas City in Weeks 4 and 14 and just lumping that awesome Kelce-TSwift bit into one, the Chargers went even further. They freaking put in a clip from the eventual trial of Chiefs superfan/bank robber ChiefsAholic. No way they went there, right? They did.

Finally, there’s a bonus reel at the end that pokes fun at Aaron Rodgers and some of his, um, bizarre ways of thinking. No spoilers but well worth staying for the end. It’s like a magnificent post-credits scene to a movie that you hang in there for at the theater. Sound off in the comments about your favorite Easter eggs if you like.

Below are the Chargers’ last two anime masterpieces for reference. They are playing 3D chess while the rest of the NFL social handlers are playing checkers. Scratch that, they are playing a version of chess that transcends the extra-dimensional construct from Interstellar, and the other social teams are still stuck on the checkers instructions.

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