Kip Moore Teases Collab With Morgan Wade On New Single “If I Was Your Lover,” And It’s The Duet Of My Dreams

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Talk about a dream collaboration.

Not only is Kip Moore dropping a new song called “If I Was Your Lover” on Friday, but it appears as though the great Morgan Wade will be featured on the new song.

That is, quite literally, music to my ears.

I really can’t think of two artists who would be a better pair in terms of their musical styles than Kip and Morgan. They both have such gritty, soulful voices, and tend to have quite a bit of rock influence in their songs, as well.

Kip shared a photo of him and Morgan on Instagram that looks to be from a music video, with the simple caption “Friday,” and Morgan shared the same post on her feed too:


I don’t even need to hear the song yet to know that it’s going to be absolutely kickass:

Kip shared a teaser of the new tune yesterday, but it was pretty short and didn’t seem to feature any other female vocals from what I could hear, which makes this surprise that much better:

It’s hard to say if this single will be included on the tracklist for Kip’s forthcoming (and unofficially announced) fifth studio album, or if it’s just a stand-alone single, as he noted previously that the new record only featured one duet, which he confirmed was a duet with Ashley McBryde.

He also said that there would be 13 brand new songs we’ve never heard before on the record, though it’s hard to say if that number has gone up since he announced that back in May.

After saying the album was done months ago, he noted more recently that he stumbled on another song or two he wanted to include on the final tracklist and had to go back into the studio.

Kip officially released the the longtime fan-favorite, “Crazy One More Time,” as the lead single to the aforementioned (unnamed) album back in January, in addition to dropping “Fire on Wheels” in June.

No matter what this duet with Morgan is for, though, I am absolutely PUMPED to get to hear these two sing together.

They’re truly two of the best voices in all of mainstream country music in terms of pure vocals alone, so this promises to be an absolutely fantastic duo… and that might even be an understatement.

“Fire On Wheels”

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