Kip Moore Drops Rockin’ New Single “Fire On Wheels,” Shows Off His Moves In New Music Video

New music Friday is always a million times better when we get new stuff from Kip Moore.

Kip just released the second single, “Fire On Wheels,” from his forthcoming (and still unofficially announced) fifth studio album.

He had previously teased a short clip of it on TikTok earlier this week. (No, hell hasn’t actually frozen over, but he did begrudgingly join the social media platform, although he promised “no mid tempo loop clap beat” would ever make it to his page).

Now hearing the track in its entirety, it definitely sounds like Kip is fully leaning into that southern rock sound we’ve heard from him in the past on albums like Wild Ones. He’s said before that he decided to take this new album in a totally different direction sonically, so don’t be surprised if we get a new record that is very heavily rock influenced at some point this year.

Co-written by Kip and his friend Jaren Johnston (lead singer of The Cadillac Three), “Fire On Wheels” is a swampy, upbeat jam that will have you wanting to hit the dance floor and cut a rug from the very first beat.

And while he may not be breaking out any dance moves over on TikTok, he certainly had them on full display in this new music video dancing around an empty bowling alley by himself.

I’ll have whatever he had before they filmed this video… the man doesn’t have a care in the world and it’s actually really fun to see this side of him:

Kip previously released the the longtime fan-favorite, “Crazy One More Time,” as the lead single to his upcoming album back in January, but it just officially starting charting at the end of May.

He did previously confirm that there would be 13 brand new songs we’ve never heard before on the new record (including a duet with Ashley McBryde):

“Just officially finished record #5. Sealed. 13 songs none of you guys have heard. We ain’t messin round with this one.

Cheers to all the loyal fans. Thank you. We do it for you.”

He also mentioned before that he took this new record in a totally new direction in terms of his sound and following the music he really wanted to make (at the behest of his label), so I am thrilled to know that we’re getting closer and closer to KM5 with this new tune.

Hopefully, an album announcement is following closely behind this new release…

But until then, it’s just nice to have some new music from Kip.

“Crazy One More Time”

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