Kip Moore Says A New Album Is Coming This Summer, Featuring Duet With Ashley McBryde

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As if I couldn’t be any more excited that Kip Moore’s finally released a revisited version of “Crazy One More Time” to country radio, he confirmed to Billboard that he has a brand new album coming this summer.

And, it will include a duet with the one and only Ashley McBryde, called “One Heartbeat.” After the incredible job they did on their “Janie Blu” performance last spring, fans have been begging for a collab.

It will be his first official duet on a studio album, so of course, he had to find the right person when the time finally came to include one.

“It happened organically. I’ve been pushed to do collaborations on records because of the trend of what it’s doing, but I’ve always said it will happen when it happens.”

Kip says they got the idea while on tour together in Alaska, after he played Ashley the song acoustically backstage before a show:

“She asked if I had written anything that I really love recently, and I started playing ‘One Heartbeat.’ When I finished the first chorus, she grabbed the headstock of the guitar and stopped me.

She said, ‘What is that, and can I sing on it with you?’ I said, ‘Hell, yeah,’ and brought her in to sing on it. She’s the best.

She’s one of my favorite people on the planet, and she felt like a sister after we did that tour together.”

In terms of the sound of this new album as a whole, it’s no secret that Kip takes a lot of his musical influence from rock artists like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

He says this new one will be no different in terms of the production we’re used to hearing from him:

“I have my next recording session next week. It’s no secret that there is a lot of rock music in what I do.

‘Crazy One More Time,’ the new version, really displays that, and I’ve always been able to straddle that line of country elements with a lot of rock arrangements…

This album feels like a visual piece, like you’re watching a movie from start to finish.”

Yeah, I’m gonna need it to be summer, like… NOW.

And if you haven’t already listened to the new version of “Crazy One More Time” yet, what the hell are ya even doin’?

If you want a taste of what’s to come on KM5, he says the 2022 remake of the fan-favorite song is “going to flow perfectly with the rest of this new record”:

“Crazy One More Time”

And that “Janie Blu” duet:

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