Kip Moore Officially Joins TikTok (Seriously): “Yes, I Joined Dammit”

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This might just be the one thing that gets me to join TikTok…

I never thought I’d see the day, but Kip Moore has officially (and begrudgingly) joined the social media platform and says he has “somethin’ comin’ this week.”

And based on what he said at the show in Raleigh I went to a few weeks back, it’s likely another single from his forthcoming (and unofficially announced), fifth studio album.

I haven’t heard of any reports of hell freezing over or pigs flying, either, so I guess it’s really true that the man who has sad multiple times how much he hates social media and would rather just live off the grid in Costa Rica is now officially verified on TikTok:

“Shocker yes but….ya might wanna go follow kipmooremusic on tiktok. Yes I joined dammit. Somethin comin this week!

I tried to slip through the back door & never use it but it’s happening. No mid tempo loop clap beats though I promise! Cheers.

To be honest, I cannot wait to see the content he’s going to put out there, though he promised there would be “no mid tempo loop clap beats.”

If you’ve been a Kip Moore fan for a while, then you know how less than thrilled he likely is to be joining, so whoever it was at his label that twisted his arm to do this deserves a huge raise:

Kip released the the longtime fan-favorite, “Crazy One More Time,” as the lead single back in January, but it just officially starting charting at the end of May.

He did previously confirm that there would be 13 other, brand new songs we’ve never heard before on the new record (including a duet with Ashley McBryde):

“Just officially finished record #5. Sealed. 13 songs none of you guys have heard. We ain’t messin round with this one.

Cheers to all the loyal fans. Thank you. We do it for you.”

And who knows, maybe we’ll get more than just a single announcement… though I wouldn’t hold my breathe for any sort of choreographed dance to “Savage” or “Renegade.”

In all seriousness, he mentioned before that he took this new record in a totally new direction in terms of his sound and following the music he really wanted to make (at the behest of his label), so I am thrilled to know that we’re getting closer and closer to KM5.

“Crazy One More Time”

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