Kip Moore Does Mash Up Of Garth Brooks’ “That Summer” AND Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” Back In 2013

Garth Brooks AND Bob Seger back-to-back in the same set. Quite a combination.

Kip Moore did a mash-up years ago in 2013 of Garth’s song “That Summer” and Bobs’ “Night Moves,” and oh my lord is it good. It was at a show in Mobile, Alabama, not far from where Kip first attended school at Wallace State to play basketball.

His stint there didn’t last too long, but he heard from a friend the crowd there loved some Garth, so he obliged for a part of the song and they seemed to eat it up…

Then, Kip stops in the middle of it to announce a change:

“Hang on, you know what, since I can tell y’all got a little bit of education on some old music, so maybe you might know this one, too.”

He then proceeds into a rocking rendition of “Night Moves,” which seems to land equally as well, if not better, than “That Summer”.

And, it makes me think… country artists love to cover this song. I mean, from Justin Moore, to Luke Combs, to Eric Church, it’s kind of a go-to. I understand it’s a classic and I do love the song, but I have to say I’m partial to Kip’s version.

If there’s anyone who can really pull-off singing Bob Seger in country music, in my opinion, it’s him…

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