Thomas Rhett Debuts Heartfelt New Song “Your Momma’s Front Door” & It’s Actually Pretty Damn Good

For the better part of the past year, Thomas Rhett has been teasing new songs.

We heard one called “More Time Fishin,” and then he debuted another new one around Father’s Day called  “Things Dads Do.”  He followed that up with a true story about meeting a “Death Row” inmate, a new one called “Mamaw’s House,” , and another called “That’ll Be Us Someday.”

Now granted, I’m not a big Thomas Rhett guy, in fact I’ve been pretty vocal about how much I’ve disliked just about everything he’s put out after his debut album in 2013.

But I will say, this new stuff has been pretty damn good. And he’s even admitted that he’s been “rediscovering his roots” during his time off. His country roots…

And like I’ve said a zillion times before, we’re not talking about Tyler Childers kind of good here, but for a mainstream star like Thomas Rhett who’s been releasing Bruno Mars Light kind of pop tunes for the past 6 years, it’s good stuff.

Titled “You Momma’s Front Door,” the story finds Rhett dropping his daughter off at his in-laws’ house, and recalling all the times he’s walked through their front door. To take his wife on their first date, to ask her father to marry her, and now as a grown man with children, it’s equal parts nostalgia and family, built on a love that’s stood the test of time.

“We got some new music coming pretty soon but I still keep writin’ songs and I like playing for y’all because I feel like I get good feedback.

This is one I wrote a couple weeks ago, I went and dropped Lennon of at Lauren’s mom’s house and I’ve been over to that house a million times from the time I was probably 13, until now I’m 30. And it’s just hit me different walking through that door, there’s just so many versions of me that has walked through that front door and it kinda turned into a song.

It goes a little something like this, it’s called ‘Momma’s Front Door.'”

Now if only he’d put out an entire album of songs like this…

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