Thomas Rhett Is Rediscovering His Roots, Debuts New Song Called “Country Again”

I’ll admit it, I’ve been pretty hard on Thomas Rhett in the past few years.

It’s nothing personal, he seems like a great dude and a good family man, but I know somewhere in there deep down, he’s got the ability to write and record a damn good country song when he wants to. And even when he has a good country song on the record, he keeps putting out the pop stuff to country radio. I think I’m still mad that “Drink A Little Beer” was never a single.

And look, he doesn’t owe me or anybody else anything, he can put out whatever he wants, but lately in the midst of this damn quarantine, he’s been sharing some new material and I have to say, I like what I’m hearing. It seems like Thomas Rhett has been getting back to his roots lately, and even by his own admission, has “rediscovered himself.”

“I’ve been in this business for about 10 years and I’ve been through a lot of change. And I feel like lately I’ve somewhat rediscovered myself, maybe it took turning thirty to figure it out… but this song is kinda about getting back to my roots and it’s called ‘Country Again.'”

I dig it. I’m not saying he’s Tyler Childers, but I’ll take this all day.

As a guy that moved from a small town in Western Illinois to the 29th floor of a high rise in Chicago, feeling “country again” is something that hits home for me. Especially when I get the chance to go back home. I’m also a fan of the hat tip to Eric Church in there.

“Spend way less time in Nashville, more time in LA
Back home buddies they quit calling thought I had too much on my plate
But last night we cracked some cold beers and cranked Eric Church to 10
Man, it feels good to be country again.”

This is what we want Thomas. Let’s get into the studio with this one, get some fiddle and pedal steel going on, leave the drum tracks out, and send it to country radio. And then write and record a bunch more just like it. Put those together on one album, release that, and guarantee you it’ll be the best album of your career so far.

Here’s a teaser of another one called “What’s Your Country Song.”

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