Thomas Rhett Teases Powerful New Song About Meeting A Prison Inmate On “Death Row”

Thomas Rhett has been at the top of his game lately.

We’ve given him quite a hard time in the past for some of his pop stuff, but lately he’s been sounding like the the shaggy-haired Thomas Rhett that broke onto the country scene back in 2012.

After saying he somewhat “rediscovered himself” being at home in quarantine, he shared a new one called “Country Again,” and people were loving it. Even the folks that don’t typically resonate with Thomas Rhett’s music had good things to say about it.

He name-checked some country classics in a song titled, “What’s Your Country Song,” followed it up with another one called “More Time Fishin,” and finally debuted another new one around Father’s Day called  “Things Dads Do.” All of which were pretty solid country songs. We’ll see what happens in production, but so far, I like what I’m hearing.

And now today, this new one presumably called “Death Row,” tells the story of an emotional encounter with a prison inmate. And while it’s just a quick teaser, it sounds like the makings of a powerful song.

“We talked hunting, we talked fishing, like I do with the boys back home
How Jesus is the ticket, and narrow is the road
About how all we need is forgiveness, before we see them streets of gold
Yeah, I learned a lot about livin’ from those boys down on death row.”


Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson (I assume they wrote it together) added a verse as well, and according to him, the song is based on a true story.

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