Thomas Rhett Performs LEGIT New Song He Wrote With Morgan Wallen, “Mamaw’s House”

Alright, we’re back on track Thomas.

As we wrote about earlier this week, Rhett has been rediscovering his country roots, posting a ton of actual country songs the last few months.

It started with a song called “Country Again.”

Then he shared “What’s Your Country Song,”and another one called “More Time Fishin.” Around Father’s Day he shared,  “Things Dads Do,” and then “Death Row,” a powerful one about sitting down with a prison inmate.

He briefly went back to his overproduced pop stuff, before dropping this one on us…“Mamaw’s House.”

“Mamaw’s House” was written a couple weeks ago with Morgan Wallen, who’s setting the world on fire himself with his latest release “7 Summers.”

“Maybe this crazy world would straighten up and slow on down, if every town had a Mamaw’s house…”

Rhett can do these songs so damn well when he wants to – now, if he’d only release an entire album like this.

Killer song, fellas.

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