Riley Green Delivers An Emotional Acoustic Performance Of “Numbers On The Cars”

Riley Green has been cranking out a ton of great music lately.

One of the mainstream’s most promising young stars, in a little over a year, he’s released a debut album, an acoustic EP, and another EP, not to mention countless unleased songs like “Because Of Me,” “That’s My Dixie,” “I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave,” “That Was Us,” and more.

And while I’m a fan of just about everything Riley puts out, “Numbers On The Cars” has always been a favorite.

It details the life of Riley’s grandfather who doesn’t remember much these days, including recognizing Riley himself, but he still knows Merle Haggard’s voice and he still remembers the numbers on the sides of the cars during a NASCAR race. And, even if only for a few seconds, that race gives him a glimmer of remembrance, and a moment they can both share.

If you’ve ever had to endure the heartache of slowly losing somebody to Alzheimer’s, it will rip you apart.

Riley recently delivered an acoustic performance the song, live from his home town, at the Golden Saw Music Hall.

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