Riley Green Tackles Southern Pride & Race Relations In Unreleased New “That’s My Dixie”

Riley Green gave us one hell of a show last night.

Joined by Channing Wilson and Trent Tomlinson for Episode 4 of his Golden Saw Series, Riley debuted a couple of brand new tunes including this new one titled “That’s My Dixie.”

“I’m gonna play y’all a brand new song… I’ve never played this one anywhere so maybe I’ll remember all of it. We just went in the studio and cut this one so maybe it’ll come out some time pretty soon. It’s called ‘That’s My Dixie.’

The song addresses the tension between Southern pride and the history of racial injustice, along with the problems we’re still facing today.

“It’s who I am, it’s to give a damn for the ones that came before me
The broken part of a southern heart is more than just Old Glory
It’s a state of mind that’s deep and wide, strong as the Mississippi
We sing ‘Amazing Grace’ and curse the heat
Yeah, that’s my Dixie.”

The entire show is worth a watch, but “That’s My Dixie” starts around the 40-minute mark.

Riley’s “Bury Me In Dixie,” another Southern Pride anthem, has been a fan favorite since the beginning.

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