Tough Cat Is Ready To Fight A Bear Through The Window, Sends It Running Away

Bear vs cat

Cats are from a different planet.

This particular cat thinks it is a whole lot bigger than it actually is. Trying to fight off a black bear as a 10 pound cat is pretty crazy, but this cat wasn’t afraid to let the big beast know whose house it was.

Based on the name of the Instagram account, I am assuming that this takes place in Alaska. I could be wrong though, so don’t hold me to it. In the surprising footage, a massive black bear and a small house cat are separated only by a thin pane of glass.

The bear has wondered up on the homeowner’s porch and is peering through the window, not noticing the cat through the glass. As the bear continues to look around, the cat is slowly on the prowl, waiting to pounce. Just when the bear looks in and makes eye contact with the feline, the cat jumps up and swings at the bear, hitting the window.

The bear stumbles back in terror, and even falls backwards off the porch before fleeing away. We all know the classic question of “does a bear s*** in the woods?” but I think this bear might’ve had the s*** scared out of it on the porch thanks to this brave, courageous cat.

Guard dog? Pshh. I’d take this guard cat any day of the week.

The video is quite the watch and is captioned:

“This cat thinks it’s a lion.”

Shoutout to this cat.

I would be balled up over in the corner of the house in fear that the bear would come through. This cat showed no fear whatsoever and managed to scare off an apex predator.

The comments left below the video summed up the cat’s actions quite nicely:

“It’s not the size of the cat in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the cat. “

“Cat just taught the bear about f*** around and find out! “

“They don’t know size, just attitude.”

Look around in your house.

If you own a cat, you very well might have built-in bear repellant as well.

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