Bailey Zimmerman Bizarrely Strips Down To His Underwear & Gives His Clothes To The Crowd When Set Cut Short Due To Weather

Bailey Zimmerman
YouTube/Kaitlynn Hays

What in the world?

I mean, I guess that’s one way to make it up to the crowd when your set gets cut short due to the weather…

Bailey Zimmerman was in Lubbock, Texas over the weekend for a stop at Cook’s Garage on his Religiously. The Tour. But unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans, and lightning in the area forced the show to be cut short.

The crowd was disappointed when he made the announcement:

“You guys can boo me, I know…

We gotta stop. We’re not allowed to go anymore. But what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna give y’all all my clothes.”

So Bailey decided to make it up to fans by…stripping down to his underwear and throwing his clothes out to the crowd?

@lizbam29♬ original sound – Liz Moreno

That’s certainly a choice.

Video shows Bailey taking off his clothes and tossing them to the crowd as lightning flashes in the background, before running off stage in nothing but his underwear.

@burcoz Last night the Bailey Zimmerman concert in Lubbock, Texas got cut short due to lighning so he decided to give the crowd his clothes lol #concert #baileyzimmerman #strip ♬ A Bar Song (Tipsy) – Shaboozey

Now, there are also comments that said he does this all the time (which I admittedly can’t confirm because I don’t follow Bailey Zimmerman that close), which kinda makes it a little more weird. Aren’t fans supposed to be the ones throwing their bras (and in Riley Green’s case, panties) onstage at you? And who wants a dirty pair of pants anyway?

Of course Bailey has gained quite a reputation for his energetic live shows, and recently during a festival in Canada, Chad Kroeger from Nickelback even said that Bailey had lost a bet so he had to play his set while high on MDMA.

At least he kept his clothes on that time I guess?

Gotta admit, I just don’t get this guy. And maybe that’s ok.

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