Justice Is Served When MMA Fighter Kicks Ring Girl In The Butt, Then Gets KO’d In 30 Seconds And Banned For Life

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Ahh, the ever spinning wheels of cosmic justice.

I’m a big time UFC fan and will occasionally watch a PFL or Bellator card, but that’s pretty much all the MMA action I take in, unless something weird happens in a random promotion and goes viral online, which is exactly why this match crossed my timeline.

Ali Heibati is an Iranian born fighter who was making his professional debut in the Russian based Hardcore MMA tournament in Moscow, but his stint as a professional fighter was short lived.

Prior to the fight, a ring girl entered the cage, as happens at pretty much every single fight, amateur or professional, but Heibati didn’t much like the outfit she was wearing and let his intrusive thoughts take over.

He kicked the girl in the butt as she walked past, which obviously is flat out not okay. The ref immediately stepped in and the girl herself looked like she was ready to throw hands, and who can blame her?

To be honest, I don’t know how this would be handled in the UFC, but in Russia they gave the guy a strict warning and let the fight go on.

But don’t you worry, because Heibati was about to get his at the hands of opponent Arkadiy Osipyan, a brawler from Armenia (which is a terrifying 3 word phrase). The fight was over almost before it started, ending with Osipyan landing some tough ground and pound that had the ref stepping in after only around 30 seconds.

But if you thought Heibati was done causing trouble, you’d be mistaken. After getting off the ground, he chased after Osipyan and threw a sucker punch at him from behind. Naturally, chaos ensued…

Things calmed down for a second, but as soon as he left the ring, a crowd of enraged fans look it upon themselves to dish out some more street justice.

And as the cherry on top, Heibati was subsequently banned for life by the Hard Fighting Championship. As far as bad days go, this is about as bad as it gets. Not saying it wasn’t deserved, but man, he’s got to have some regrets waking up this morning…

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