Woman Zip-Lining Barely Avoids Alligator Jumping Out Of The Marsh

alligator zip line

You really have to love zip-lining in order to ride a wire over gator-infested swamp land.

And you could also add that you really have to trust the zip-line itself (and the people maintaining and operating it) if you are signing up to travel above alligators that would love to be airdropped some easy, flailing prey. That helmet isn’t going to do much good when you splash down into gator territory.

This woman riding the zip-line was having the time of her life. That is until she spotted a decent sized gator lurking close to where her landing zone was going to be. She pointed it out and grimaced as she came flying towards the dock where the ride ended.

Fortunately, she made it safely over the water and onto the landing dock. As soon as she did, the gator flopped its way onto the dock and held itself up to take a look see at the meal it just missed out on (or really just mistimed).

I’m no expert on marsh and swamp, but could we not have figured out a better, safer place for this zip-line? I understand that part of the zip-lining experience is to travel through some cool scenery while suspended in mid-air. I get that.

However, I’d like to see this zip-lining place’s permit and insurance information. With the location of the ride, that zip-lining company was probably having people sign waivers and provide proof of wills before they strapped in and went flying over the swamp.

We don’t know where this took place, though I do have to point out that it checks all of the boxes for Florida. You’ve got a swamp, you’ve got a gator, and you’ve got a group of people doing an absurd, Florida thing and acting like it’s completely normal. That’s as “Sunshine State” as it gets.

I can’t confirm that’s the location though, so you’ll have to come up with your own conclusion as to where you think this took place when you watch the video for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock