Netflix Announces Live “The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady” & It Looks Like Appointment Television

Tom Brady

When Tom Brady retired from the NFL (for good?), that should have been the last time we all turned on our TVs at the same time to watch him in action.

But ol’ Touchdown Tom still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve, and in his latest move, he’s going to really put himself out there. Like “scrambling out to the right with no blockers” putting yourself out there.

In yet another live event for Netflix, Tom Brady will be the center of a “roast,” which brings comedians, celebrities, friends, and family together to basically insult the roast-ee to a pulp. The streaming service is calling it “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady,” and it’s set to air live on May 5th at 8 P.M. EST.

Kevin Hart will host the event, with many others reportedly joining in on the roasting of the 7-time Super Bowl winner. With as much that Tom Brady has won in his life, it’s honestly going to be great to see him get made fun of for a while. Plus, he’ll probably take more hits during this roast than he did his entire NFL career.

And speaking of taking hits, the promo for the roast features a play on the infamous NFL rule change that ushered in the era of super protection for quarterbacks. The teaser pokes fun at the rule that was added for the safety of Tom Brady… and you know, all of the other quarterbacks But mainly Tom Brady:

“No helmets, no mercy, no Brady rule.”

How can a video look so cool but be so cringeworthy at the same time?

Probably because Tom Brady is a much better QB than he is an actor. Walking away from an explosion and not looking at it (the age old action movie trope) is hard to mess up, and Tom was somewhere in between believable and awkward. Let’s hope he can handle a roast better than he can handle the few lines he delivered here…

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