“Slap Away Fish, You Ain’t Going Nowhere” – Only Jameis Winston Could Interview A Flopping Fish With A Microphone

Jameis Winston

From the same guy who brought you classics such as “Eating the W” and “Throwing So Many Interceptions That You Get Lasik Surgery” comes a new instant hit: “Interviewing a Fish with a Microphone.”

To put things simply, Jameis Winston is a national treasure. There’s no doubt about it, even though some would argue that being an NFL backup shouldn’t give you that high of an honor. With “Famous Jameis” though, it certainly does.

The 30-year-old quarterback is currently a member of the Cleveland Browns (in case you missed that blockbuster offseason acquisition), but has formerly played for the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which was his longest stint with a team. His meme-able moments have been scattered across his career, even going back to his college days at Florida State when he won a Heisman in 2013.

And now you can add this hilarious clip to Jameis’ highlight reel (of non-football plays). Winston was, for some reason, a correspondent for the Sport Fishing Championship that took place in Florida. There are a number of different videos of Jameis in action (all of which I’ve included at the end of this story), but the best part was when the QB interviewed a flopping fish that had just been reeled into the boat.

When the fish hit the deck, Jameis did too, screaming hard-hitting, journalistic questions at the sea creature:

“Slap away fish, you ain’t going nowhere. We got you on the boat right now. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Jameis then comedically holds the microphone up to the flopping fish’s mouth, and obviously, the fish didn’t respond to the question. But then another fish comes flying on board, and Jameis picks up right where he left off:

“Oh your cousin came! Well there you have it folks, we just cut the line and we have two family members of the tuna.”

He also asked one of the fish later how it worked for them flapping around and “trying to swim in the air.” It’s just hilarious, and I don’t want you to have to wait any longer to watch it, so go ahead and press play:

I love Jameis Winston. He’s the best.

And as I promised, here are some other clips from Jameis reporting on the Sport Fishing Championship. Go ahead and grab some popcorn so you can sit back and enjoy these:

@espn His reaction to losing the fish 😭 @SportFishingChampionship ♬ original sound – ESPN

@espn 😂😂😂 (via @SportFishingChampionship) #nfl #football #jameiswinston ♬ original sound – ESPN

@espn He thought he had a blue marlin 😂 #fishtok #fishing #jameiswinston #fail ♬ original sound – ESPN

@espn Jameis Winston with a fishing breakdown 😂 @SportFishingChampionship #jameiswinston #traviskelce ♬ original sound – ESPN

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