Joshua Quimby Reflects On The Hard Work It Has Taken To Get To This Point In “Growin’ Up”

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Joshua Quimby’s new record can’t get here soon enough.

The up and coming country music picker has caught the attention of many with his uniquely deep and raspy vocals, but has continued to make a name for himself with his guitar playing ability and songwriting prowess. Still in the nascent stages of his career, having just released his first two years ago in 2022 and his self-titled debut record Joshua Quimby later that year, Quimby is gearing up for a big 2024 with the forthcoming release of his sophomore record “Back Home.”

On the verge of a potential breakthrough into the next stage of his career with this record, listeners would undoubtedly label Quimby an “overnight success” if it were to gain the traction it has the potential to. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication for the Connecticut-bred, Nashville-based artist to get to where he is at this point, but that is just a necessary part of the journey doing what he loves.

This sentiment shines through in his latest single “Growin’ Up,” as he reflects fondly on the years gone by in his musical journey and expresses gratitude for the position in which he finds himself today. Quimby took to Instagram upon the song’s release to provide insight into this journey and the meaning behind “Growin’ Up.”

“I’ve got a new song releasing at midnight, folks. It’s called ‘Growin’ Up,’ and it’s the second single off my upcoming record. This one was born from the gratitude I feel to simply be where I’m at now, which is something I’ve frankly worked hard towards in one way or another since I was a kid. 

I remember being eleven, having just picked up the guitar the year prior, sitting on the couch with grandpa in my childhood home and showing him what I was working on. I remember being frustrated; I wanted to be able to play faster and cleaner, to skip over the years of dedication and time it takes to hone this craft.

I remember, as I poorly rushed my way through some riff I was trying to learn, Grandpa telling me to take a deep breath and slow it down. He said something to the effect of, ‘It’s not about speed. It’s about a feel, and confidence. Do it right, even if that means doing it slowly.’ And then proceeded to introduce me to, well, a good handful of my formative heroes, to inspire me.

We watched Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed pickin’ together on Pop Goes the Country. Tony Rice demolishing his fretboard at an early 90’s Merlefest. Peter, Paul & Mary performing a 60’s set – I remember Grandpa asking me to learn ‘Early Morning Rain’ for his birthday that year.

Anyways, I sit here over twelve years later, with all this time behind me and can truly say I’ve worked hard to internalize that mindset. Put in the time, work hard, and results will show. ‘Growin’ Up’ is just me reflecting on all of this. I hope you’ll give it a listen. Out at midnight!”

Go on and give “Growin’ Up” a listen here:

“Well I’ll tell you it’s quite the living, and I’ve made my mama proud
Likewise for my daddy, and most of my hometown
Been working my damn ass off, still doing so today
There ain’t nothing in this world that comes to you
So I’ll write these and sings these songs 
‘Til my hands don’t strum and my voice goes mum
‘Cause as far as I’m concerned
There’s nothing else I ‘d rather do”

This tune comes as the second single off of Quimby’s aptly titled forthcoming record Back Home. In just the first two singles, Quimby has made it clear that he is proud of his roots, both with his family and home state, tying in perfectly with the album’s succinctly meaningful title.

If you missed the lead single a few weeks back, “Big Mack Truck” is a cleverly penned ode to his Mack Truck driving grandfather, whose career took him all across the country behind the steering wheel of an eighteen wheeler. Make sure to give this one a listen as well.

And as the Back Home album release date of May 31st nears, make sure to be on the lookout for more singles coming from Joshua Quimby. If these first two singles are any indication, we’re in for something special with this project.

Back Home Tracklist:

“Big Mack Truck”

“The Barn”

“Back Home”

“The Big Catch”

“Nor’eastern Blues”


“A Thing or Two”

“Travelin’ Song”

“Country Music Singing Star”

“Growin’ Up”

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