Wyatt Flores Returns From Mental Health Hiatus With New Song “Devil”

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Matt Paskert

After a brief hiatus to prioritize self care and mental health, Wyatt Flores is back, and with new music.

The 22-year-old artist announced back in the middle of February that he would be stepping away for a moment to figure out some personal things. As he fought through tears, he told a crowd in Kansas City that he “couldn’t feel a thing” towards the music he was performing, and decided to take a break from music until he could give his fans what they deserved.

A number of his shows were canceled, while others were postponed, and after a couple of weeks out of the spotlight, Flores finally returned for his Tulsa, Oklahoma show at Cain’s Ballroom. No one was rushing him back by any means, but I think I can speak for all country music fans when I say it was good to see Wyatt back on stage.

In his social media post, Flores first wrote this message about the progress he has made during his brief break from touring:

“I’ve been doing some work and getting on a better track and am doing very well having a life outside of music these last couple of weeks.

I’d also like to thank every person that’s told me about their struggles and what they’re going through for not making me feel so alone through all this. I want y’all to know I’m okay and want to thank y’all for reaching out.”

With all of the online toxicity nowadays, it’s great to hear that others were reaching out to Wyatt with words and stories of support. Everyone has their personal mental health struggles, though most of us aren’t in a position like Wyatt or some of our other favorite country music stars.

And while Flores was away, it appears he was able to translate and process his emotions into an incredibly transparent new song titled “Devil.” He played the new track during his Oklahoma show, and described its premise in his social media post:

“This song is called ‘Devil’ and was written on the perspective of if loneliness was a person you could talk to. The verses are some of the battles that have run through my head late at night. I’m coming back slowly and finding my joy in this again.”

The Instagram post only plays through the first minute or so of the song, but as Flores pointed out, the full live version of the song from Cain’s Ballroom is posted on his YouTube page (and linked below). Wyatt’s emotional lyrics from the start of the song to the chorus sing:

“Come in now, tear me apart
Don’t you just love bringing me down when it’s already dark
Come in now, I got nothing to say
If the top’s so lonely go ahead and just start digging my grave
And pull my strings like I’m your puppet
Make me scream ’till I scream out **** it
What makes me so *** damn special,
When I’m your angel you’re my devil.”

Flores is clearly wearing his emotions on his sleeve in the new track. The way he sings the chorus each time through only reinforces how cathartic the song must be for the young country music artist.

You can view the entire performance of Flores’ new song in the video below:

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