Zach Bryan Confirms New Album ‘The Great American Bar Scene’ Is Coming This Year

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Trevor Pavlik

Okay, guys, I promise we are not pulling your leg this time… or at least I hope not.

On April 1st, Whiskey Riff pulled off another great April Fools’ Day prank, which honesty, thousands and thousands of people fall for every single year. Every think we think, “this isn’t gonna work,” and every year, we’re pleasantly surprised at the amount of hate mail we get in the ol’ inbox.

This year, we announced that Zach Bryan had released his 3rd (professionally recorded) album, The Great American Bar Scene with a number of big features including Bruce Springsteen. We bamboozled the public and even the co-workers who help run our social media pages (It’s me. I am said co-worker), and it was all just a huge ball of nothing. I mean, it was a perfect storm. At the time, ZB had already dropped the name, he just performed with the Boss, and wasn’t using social media, so he wouldn’t be able to refute the claim… it was a great prank.

But that being said, our wish has been granted. ZB confirmed on Instagram recently that the album is, in fact, titled The Great American Bar Scene.

“The record is called The Great American Bar Scene and I feel lucky to be breathin’.”

He has also been telling fans during his shows that he has an album dropping later “this year” titled The Great American Bar Scene. During his recent Omaha, Nebraska shows, a fan caught the moment he told the audience about his new album that is expected to drop later this year.

“I, uh, have a new album coming out this year… it’s called ‘The Great American Bar Scene.’ Cheers to you guys in Omaha, Nebraska. Thank you.” 

@greatamericanbarscene It’s official in Omaha #zachbryan #greatamericanbarscene #zachbryanconcert #newmusic #fyp ♬ original sound – greatamericanbarscene

Social media users quickly filled the comments section, noting that he had said the same thing at their show throughout the Quttin’ Time Tour. 

“He also announced it in Toronto March 17th!”

“He also announced it March 14 in Jersey.”

“He announced it the first night in Chicago.”

In late March, during a show in Alabama, he said he wasn’t sure of the name yet, but I think we all had a hunch it would be something related to The Great American Bar Scene.

Since returning to social media, Zach Bryan has noted in his captions that a new album is coming “soon,” so fingers crossed he is being real this time. He also has put on his YouTube new songs like “28” and “Like Ida,” so it seems promising that those two could appear on the tracklist of the alleged album.

Time will only tell, but I hope we get it soon… time to wait this one out, boys…

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