Wyatt Flores Drops New Single “I Wish I Could Stay,” Announces New Project ‘Half Life’ Coming Next Month

Wyatt Flores country music
Matt Paskert

Boom, there it is.

After teasing on his social media yesterday a video with little context, fans were left assuming an announcement like this was coming. But turns out it came sooner than expected.

This morning, coinciding with the release of his new single “I Wish I Could Stay,” Wyatt Flores announced a new 8-track project titled Half Life. 

“My new 8-song project, ‘Half Life’ is yours April 19th, and my new song, “Wish I Could Stay,” is out everywhere you listen to music now. These songs come from the heart and capture my perspective at 22 years old on the complexities of relationships, self-discovery, and the balance between life and death.”

With his last project Life Lessons being a massive success, I can only imagine that Half Life will follow in its footsteps.

As if announcing a new project wasn’t enough, we also get to enjoy new music from the Oklahoma native. “I Wish I Could Stay” was teased across social media, noting that the single is about soaking in the little moments that make falling for someone so special and not wanting to leave those moments.

“This one’s called ‘Wish I Could Stay.’ It’s a simple song about appreciating the simple moments of life, which is something I’m working on doing more of these days. This song has taken on a few different meanings for me recently and I hope y’all find something in it for yourselves.”

The storytelling of this song captures listeners’ attention from the get-go. Falling for someone in a town you’ve never been to is like your own little fairy tale. It might not always work out, but it feels as though you can authentically be yourself because you have nothing to lose—that is, until you feel a deeper connection growing.

“We met in a town that I’ve never been before
It was too cold for walking so we drove to some local bar
That look in your eyes, felt like a kiss
I’ve never felt a moment I knew I would miss
So dance with me darling, hold on like you’ll never let go…”

Wyatt Flores does not miss. Fire this one up.

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