Cody Johnson Shows Off His Team Roping Skills

Cody Johnson country music

A cowboy through and through.

Country is more than a genre of music… it is a way of life, and no one embodies that more than Cody Johnson. While plenty of country stars know their way around on the farm and in the studio, Cody Johnson is one of the biggest names that highlights he is a cowboy on his off-days.

We’ve written before that Johnson can walk the walk when in the team roping pen, but he just shared a clip on social media to remind people that he knows the way with a rope.

Johnson captioned the video:

“The best kind of day.” 

Johnson breaks out of the shoot on his sorrel horse, chasing after the steer, who is the header for his team. While Johnson might have clipped the video before he successfully roped the steer, I bet he made a clean throw. And even if he didn’t…cut the guy a break… he doesn’t get to play in the dirt very often.

@cojonationThe best kind of day.

♬ Dirt Cheap – Cody Johnson

Let us not forget that the lyrics of “Dear Rodeo” were not a fictional story but inspired by his life experiences.

Johnson started riding bulls in high school. While he has taken a step back from the dangerous sport of bull riding, he has since picked up a rope and started team roping to keep his foot in the rodeo world. And boy, can he rope. Back in February, Johnson got his ticket punched to the World Series of Team Roping Finale, which is slated to take place in Las Vegas in December.

He and his roping partner, Oliver, the duo’s heeler, roped three at 26.53 seconds during the Cattle World Series of Team Roping Qualifier. The event occurred in Hamilton, Texas, and the two went home with a nice payout of $13,060.

One of these days, I’d love to see Cody Johnson cut a version of Trent Willmon’s “Ropin’ Pen.” It would be the perfect song for him since he knows he way with a rope, and Trent just so happens to be CoJo’s producer and songwriting partner.

In the meantime, it’s only fitting to fire up “Dear Rodeo.”


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