“I Definitely Did NOT Write That Song” – Wyatt Flores Has To Clarify “How To Save A Life” Is Not His Original Song

Wyatt Flores
Wyatt Flores

Hey…it’s flattering.

Wyatt Flores is having to set the record straight on social media. The Oklahoma native dropped a stellar cover of The Fray’s “How To Save A Life” at the end of 2023, hoping to raise awareness and advocate for mental health. Flores has always been transparent with his struggles mentally and says he connected with The Fray’s message in the lyrics of the track.

“The reason I chose this one is because I speak a lot about mental health. And I’ve lost a lot of friends here recently. I’ve lost some family to it.

And, I’m tired of losing folks, and that’s why I speak on it, and that’s why I keep talking about it. I struggle with it, the same as everyone else does.

I just hope this music has done something for y’all. That is all I want to do in life is help others. And if I can do that through this, then I’ve done something.”

Both his version and The Fray strike a chord with listeners…but with recent social media fans covering the single, it’s showing that some of Flores fans are in the THICK of Gen Z, completely unaware the song is a cover of the 2005 hit.

Look, I’m not here to talk s**t on Gen Z as I myself am a member of the generation, BUT I am here to shame those that don’t do their research on the single. Given how much Flores talked about how it’s a cover on social media, you’d think folks would have picked up on that.

But that has not been the case, leading to a hilarious response video. Flores took to TikTok, stitching a cover from a fan, clarifying that he is indeed not the mastermind behind the moving lyrics.

“So, uh…I appreciate y’all listening to the cover that I did. But I definitely did not write that song. That was definitely all The Fray.” 

While “How To Save A Life” might not be his song, Flores is releasing a new EP of original songs this week titled Half-Life

@officialwyattflores #stitch with @Bayker Blankenship Music ♬ original sound – Wyatt Flores

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