Zach Bryan Shares Full Production Teaser For Unreleased Fan Favorite “The Way Back”

Zach Bryan country music
Trevor Pavlik

Zach Bryan loves to drop an unreleased song snippet.

The country music star was back at it again today as he shared an audio file of an unreleased track titled “The Way Back,” a fan favorite that he initially teased earlier this year. He just released his self-titled album back in August of last year, and with the amount of teasers he’s thrown out since then, another project is likely on its way… at least I hope.

Zach Bryan has the incomparable ability to ride the fine line between quantity and quality. For years, he’s been a music fan’s dream as he consistently puts together albums, and bridges his projects with a multitude of audio teasers like this new one.

Bryan posted the clip to his social media accounts, and we didn’t get to hear a lot, but compared to the solo piano version he initially teased, we get a taste of the full production here:

“Baseball in the fall with a worn glove,
the leaves might change but the roots stuck.
Your shoes still hang on the top wire,
Say I don’t miss you but I hate a liar.”

I do have to point out that the piano backtracking to the song is reminiscent of the song “Spotless” from his latest album, when the country star teamed up with the Lumineers.

Take a listen:

Yet another great screen-recorded audio-file teaser from Bryan, who puts out music like his life depends on it. We’ll all just have to sit back and hope that the official song, or new album including the track, comes out soon enough.

Here’s the initial piano version of you want to hear the early genesis of the song:

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