Zach Bryan Shares Phenomenal Unreleased Piano Ballad “The Way Back”

Zach Bryan country music
Zach Bryan

Raw Zach Bryan videos are back.

It’s about that time when I am itching for some new music from ZB. Since the release of his Boys Of Faith EP at the end of 2023, ZB promised fans that he would slowly release some from the vault over the next few months. Yet, here we are in March with no other releases… However, I will cut my losses on that promise if he drops this track.

While there are hundreds of unreleased Bryan tracks (or at least it feels that way), this one really struck a chord upon one listen. Videoed in his New York apartment, “The Way Back” highlights Bryan’s authentic and raw songwriting.

The detail in the lyrics of this track paints a picture of the heartbreak he is narrating. The lyrics and the simple piano melody make listeners feel this one in their chest.

“Toking poison to some Killers song,
Your old man’s trans am in Kodachrome,
Bumper sticker to the back right,
State champs ‘83 through ‘85
She’s smoking cigarettes in the kitchen,
Tom and Jerry’s on the front room television,
She always sat under the oak tree,
Saying God I miss the old me…”

Before the last verse of the song, Bryan’s phone takes a tumble but he keeps going to get the whole track on video. No frills, damn good songwriting, and raw videos are what fans live for.

Please drop this one soon, ZB.

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