Man Arrested For Throwing Full Beer Can At Police Officers From Rooftop Of Jason Aldean’s Nashville Bar

Jason Aldean bar mugshot
Jason Aldean's/MNPD

Morgan Wallen just can’t help himself, can he?

Just kidding, it obviously wasn’t Morgan this time. Hopefully he learned his lesson from his latest incident, after being arrested last weekend for allegedly throwing a chair off the rooftop of Eric Church’s new downtown Nashville bar, Chief’s.

But apparently Morgan’s not the only one who can’t keep from launching things off the rooftop bars on Broadway.

If you remember not long ago, we reported on the son of a US Congressman who was arrested for throwing a drink off the rooftop of Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar + Kitchen.

And on April 4, yet another visitor to downtown Nashville was locked up for launching projectiles from the bar.

According to WSMV, two Metro Nashville police officers were standing in a parking lot when they saw a beer can being thrown from the rooftop of Aldean’s Broadway bar. The can reportedly landed about 5 yards away from the cops, and sprayed them with beer when it hit the ground.

The officer reported that he looked up and saw a man duck down and flee the area, and security at Aldean’s flagged down officers and let them know that they were already escorting the man out of the bar.

Once they got him out of the bar, officers reviewed surveillance footage which showed 26-year old John Wilcox throwing the beer from the bar, and he was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment and assault on an officer. Police believed that Wilcox was aiming for them with the beer can because footage showed him looking towards the officers multiple times before throwing the can from the roof.

Wilcox was ultimately released from jail after his bond was set at $10,000. Ironically, his next court date is set for May 3, the same day that Morgan Wallen is due to make his next appearance.

And also like Wallen, Wilcox is facing felony reckless endangerment charges because officers considered the projectile thrown from the bar to be a deadly weapon, writing in the affidavit:

“I determined that filled can could have caused death or serious bodily injury if it struck me from the height it was thrown and the distance it traveled from a rooftop and the speed at which it was thrown.”

Pretty soon all these bars are going to have nets around them like rollercoasters if these idiots keep this up.

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A beer bottle on a dock