Travis Kelce Pounds Beer On Stage During Surprise Graduation Ceremony At University Of Cincinnati

Travis Kelce chug

The odds are -10000000 that this winds up on Total Frat Move. If that’s still a thing. Living out the fantasy of every frat bro in America after becoming a three-time Super Bowl champion, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce chugged and then Gronk-spiked a beer during his impromptu college graduation on Thursday night.

If this reality, combined with the X-factor of dating Taylor Swift, isn’t the epitome of the American Dream, I don’t know what is.

Travis and his newly retired brother Jason were hosting a live show edition of the smash hit New Heights podcast at their shared alma mater, and while the show itself was enough to fill Fifth Third Arena and electrify the crowd, the surprise of being presented with their diplomas added a great twist to the occasion.

All these Kelce brothers do is win, or at least it seems that way. While Jason gears up for fuller-time podcasting and a probable explosion of a media career, Travis plans to keep trucking along in the NFL. The Chiefs have the chance to pull off the first-ever three-peat as Super Bowl champs this coming season. As long as he’s healthy and feels like his body is good enough to go, there’s little reason for him to retire. Catching passes from Patrick Mahomes and being coached by Andy Reid is about as good of a situation as you could ever ask for in professional football.

Having said that, the AFC is totally stacked, and GM Brett Veach will have to work his magic in the draft again to add some complementary weapons so that defenses can’t key in on Kelce so easily. That was a big issue last season, when Kansas City’s offense struggled a lot until finding their stride in the playoffs and had to be carried by the defense. With wide receiver Rashee Rice facing eight felony charges, Veach needs to hit on a relatively early draft pick at that position so that Marquise “Hollywood” Brown isn’t the only viable weapon in the Chiefs’ passing attack other than Kelce.

But none of those problems should take away from the incredible life and legacy Kelce has built. I bet we’ll see some young, fresh-faced copycats who want to crush a brew on their graduation stages. It’s about that time of year in a few weeks or so. I’m actually surprised Jason didn’t follow suit, considering his typical party antics.

A gentleman and a genuine scholar indeed…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock