Taylor Swift Has Reportedly Written “At Least Two Songs” About Travis Kelce That May Never Be Publicly Released

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A lot of haters are beyond worn out by Taylor Swift and her prolific songwriting prowess about ex-boyfriends who’ve done her wrong. Why those same people continue to throw shade despite how well things seem to be going with Kansas City Chiefs legend Travis Kelce is difficult to grasp. In any event, Swift has apparently penned multiple songs for her beau that are so precious that she could just keep them to herself.

According to a report by Us Weekly, Swift has written no fewer than two songs about her latest romance, which is a love story that the sea of Swifties can most definitely say yes to.

“Taylor has already written songs about Travis [Kelce]…She’s written at least two songs. They have to do with their love story and falling in love with him. […] She likely won’t share them with anyone.

They’re very special. Songs are like poetry to her. Just like most people journal, Taylor writes lyrics. Her relationship with Travis has inspired her.”


I’m not one for celebrity gossip, but it’s pretty awesome that Swift and Kelce are hitting it off so well. What’s more, neither of them seem to be slowed down in their respective careers. Kelce just won his third Super Bowl in five years, as Swift flew all the way from Japan to make it to Las Vegas in time for the Big Game. It’s clear that Kelce has plenty of football left in him despite the fact that he’ll turn 35 in October. I’d be incentivized to play as long as possible with Andy Reid as my head coach and Patrick Mahomes as my quarterback, too.

As for Swift, her work ethic isn’t slowing down whatsoever. Still in the midst of a massive international tour, Swift has a brand-new album titled The Tortured Poets Department that’s dropping on April 19. Evidently, she’s still made the time to pen personalized songs for Kelce.

However things turn out between these two, they have to be the biggest “it” couple of my lifetime. It’s a bold move for both of them to enter into such a public relationship with so much interest in everything that goes on in their private lives. For them to be handling it with such class and grace, not to mention continuing to thrive professionally, just goes to show that maybe love and chivalry aren’t dead in these strange modern times, after all.

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