The Real MVP: Jason Kelce Showed Up To Super Bowl Afterparty Wearing A Luchador Wrestling Mask

Jason Kelce afterparty

Protect this man at all costs.

The Kansas City Chiefs secured their back-to-back Super Bowl wins in an insane overtime play, where Patrick Mahomes threw Mecole Hardman the winning catch.

While many watch the game for the sport itself, I personally love tuning into the Super Bowl for celebrity citings and musical events. While there were many A-listers at the game, I have to be frank…I wanted to see what Jason Kelce was going to be doing. After his legendary jump out of the suite during the AFC Championship game bearing his bare chest for the world to see, I was curious if he was going to carry the same energy into this game.

While his wife, Kylie, I am sure would have drug him out of the stadium had he done it again, I did keep tabs on what the Philadelphia Eagles center was getting up to. Jason appeared to be on his best behavior in the suite, but at the Chiefs’ afterparty…he was ready to fight for his right…TO PARTY.

To celebrate their massive win, Chiefs players, along with friends and family, headed to the Las Vegas clubs to let loose. Jason Kelce, after the pressure of the game was over, got into full party mode.

Spotted in the club, he was sporting yellow and red overalls along with… a Nacho Libre style wrestling mask. I mean, I am honestly so here for it. Jason looks like he living his best life dancing to the EDM music at the club. His dance moves mildly resemble Alan from The Hangover, which just adds another reason to the list of why Jason Kelce is America’s sweetheart.

I kind of wish that this moment was on national television so we could get more great content from his kids, like from that last game when they said, “Dad’s boobs are showing.” HOWEVER, Jason Kelce is going to Jason Kelce where and when he can, and he is thriving in celebrating the win of his brother’s team.

The Kelce family is a national treasure.

Check out some of my favorite comments on the video.

“Anybody else entertained that he’s wearing overalls? Kylie said ‘I’m making sure you keep clothes on.'”

“It’s giving Dad’s first night out.”

“Vegas Jason is unhinged in the best way!!”

“Is it giving “dad impersonating Teletubby” dance moves?”

“Jason looks like a toddler feeling the music lol.”

“Are we shocked? Cause this is the most on brand thing I’ve seen him do.”

“We were all saying WWE is next for him.”

“That was not on my bingo card.”

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A beer bottle on a dock