Tiger Woods Drills Fan With A Rogue Golf Shot At The Masters

Tiger Woods

This will be a day to remember for Tiger Woods, and a day that one Masters patron hopes to remember… after recovering from potential head trauma.

Tiger will cherish this day because he added to the record books. Entering this year’s tournament, Woods was tied with golf greats Fred Couples and Gary Player at 23 for most consecutive cuts made at the Masters, but now Tiger has broken yet another record and sits all by himself at 24.

Pretty cool stuff right there.

Woods is undoubtedly one of the best golfers in the history of the sport, but even Tiger can hit a bad shot from time to time. During the second round of the 2024 Masters, the GOAT had hit a wayward shot off the tee, which then somewhat forced him into another errant attempt.

This punch shot went rocketing across the fairway and, unfortunately, made direct contact with one of the Masters patrons sitting outside the ropes.

They appeared to fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes:

That one’s going to leave a mark.

Professional golfers are incredibly accurate. However, they do still hit spectators with their golf shots every once in a while. In their defense, people that go to golf tournaments sit very close on the edges of the golf course, so it’s bound to happen when a shot goes awry. To quote the great Happy Gilmore: “He shouldn’t have be standing there.”

But when Tiger Woods (A.K.A. The Big Cat, A.K.A. The Goat) does it, the scary situation gets a lot of attention:

That’s honestly a great point as well by X user (formerly Twitter user) Alex Healy. There are a lot of golf funs that would be happy to get hit by an errant Tiger Woods golf shot.

Hopefully the person that got hit ended up being okay, and ended up getting a Tiger Woods souvenir for their troubles.

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