Millions of Fully Grown Adults To Yell “TIGER” At Their TVs This Weekend As Tiger Woods Makes His 24th Consecutive Cut At The Masters

Tiger Woods
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The Masters is known as “a tradition unlike any other,” but a tradition that is like many others would be golf fans emphatically yelling “TIGER” at one of the game’s best ever players… when he literally does anything.

Woods could make a 3-foot putt for par and people would shout “TIGER!”

Woods could take a rip at a driver and miss the fairway by 30 yards right and people would exclaim “TIGER!”

Woods could lazily close the port-a-john door he walked out of out on the golf course and people would lose their minds screaming “TIGER!”

It’s really simple. Tiger and his 82 official PGA Tour wins are great for the game, even when he’s not on top of his game. At the age of 48, Woods could be 10 strokes off the lead and he’d still have a gallery twice the size as the leader group. Why? Because he’s Tiger Woods.

There will be plenty of patrons following Tiger into the weekend at the Masters, since the GOAT of golf was able to make his 24th consecutive cut at the distinguished tournament.

Woods was tied with golf greats Fred Couples and Gary Player at 23 for most consecutive cuts made at the Masters, but now Tiger will break yet another record and be all by himself at 24.

Tiger certainly has his work cut out for him to contend for another coveted Green Jacket (of which he’s won 5), but making the cut is a great accomplishment considering there was some concern that he wouldn’t be able to survive the walk around Augusta National Golf Club.

But now that he’s made the cut, you can’t ever count out the “Big Cat.” Woods will be on the prowl, and he’ll have the Sunday Red (brought to you by his new clothing brand Sun Day Red) on for the closing day of the tournament.

You don’t have to know golf all that well to know that anything can happen when Tiger is rocking his signature red shirt and black pants…

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