“He Knew It Meant Something To Someone” – Nicholas Jamerson Stunned When Pawn Shop Owner Tracks Him Down To Return Stolen Guitar

Nicholas Jamerson

There are still good people in the world…Well, not the person that caused this act of kindness.

Nicholas Jamerson took to social media to share a wild story about one of his favorite guitars. I am not going to lie; when I first saw the image that accompanied this story, I was worried I was about to embark on another blog about airlines destroying guitars. We all know what happened to Logan Halstead and Nat Myers’ guitars when they were manhandled by United.

But to my surprise, this story detailed an act of kindness that honestly restores some faith in humanity.

“I gotta share this story. A couple of weeks ago when I was on the road up in the New England area. We were loading out of our gig in Harvard Square when one of the crew asked, “Where’s the blue Calton?” (My guitar case is Blue; Calton is the brand).

I said, “I don’t know, I guess I haven’t seen it today.”

The previous night, we had been in New York City and then stayed at an Airbnb in New Haven. I called the venue, but no guitar (Martin HD28) I Called the Airbnb, but no guitar. So, I was left feeling pretty silly.

Had the guitar been stolen off the streets of New York? I had nothing in the case saying it belonged to me. There was nothing more I could do, and I still had a couple of weeks’ worth of shows in front of me. So I just had to let it go.”

Just when Jamerson had lost hope, he was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of a pawn shop owner.

“Fast forward to a couple of days ago, I get a message on Instagram asking me if I had lost my guitar. Mind you, I never made any sort of post about it. I couldn’t find any pictures of my case on my phone and was maybe just in some sort of denial.

So I replied yes, how did you know? The guy on the other end was from A pawn shop in Connecticut.

He said he had never reached out to anyone in the 10-plus years of working there, but there was just something about this guitar that he knew it meant something to someone. So, based on the stickers on the case (a few NJ stickers and an Emily Jamerson sticker) and a couple of pictures, He was able to locate me. I’m honestly still in shock.”

And just like that his beloved guitar was returned back to the rightful owner. I bet the Sundy Best frontman is not going to be letting that Martin HD28 out of his sight ever again.

While you’re here, fire up some of his musical goodness, which he laid down during a recent OurVinyl Session. 

“Linda James”


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