Logan Halstead & Nat Myers Have Guitars Destroyed By United Airlines: “I’m At A Complete Loss For Words”

Logan Halstead country music
Logan Halstead

United did a number on these guitars.

You always hear horror stories from musicians worried about checking their instruments, but sometimes you have to due to airplane overhead space. While those worried thoughts usually stay as worried thoughts, other times, they turn into a reality, leaving you with damaged gear.

That is precisely what happened to Logan Halstead and Nat Myers. The two artists were on the same flight, and their guitars were damaged beyond salvageability.

Both took to Instagram to share their heartbreak and the lack of compensation that United Airlines is offering the two for their damaged goods.

“United done did an Al Capone on me.

Fact your livelihood can’t get on the plane, let alone gate checked, to face execution, is the cruelest joke that’s been played on your ol’ boy in a long time.”

Logan Halstead’s Martin got busted up too:

“She wasn’t the biggest, baddest Martin Guitar out there, but she was mine.

Every show from Kentucky to California, every song you hear on the record was this’n United put an end to that tonight, and I’m at a complete loss for words…”

The images and videos they shared show the damage to their hard shell carrying cases and guitars. Both guitars’ body and bridge have been smashed, leaving splinters of wood exposed and even some whole chunks missing.

Immediately viewers took to the comment section questioning if United Airlines would reimburse them for the damages done. Logan responded to the comments saying:

“Well apparently, they do not cover guitars. United said there’s “nothing they could do,” so me and Nat Myers are sh*t out of luck with no goddamn joint to smoke.”

Shortly after his post, Logan went on a Instagram story rant, noting how upset he is.

“So me and Nat Myers got both our rigs absolutely destroyed, and United will not give us a penny, let alone the thousands of dollars of damage they did.

Ah yes, I would love to have $200 of United credit instead of GETTING MY F**KING MONEY BACK.

I understand that I could’ve bought a $1,000 guitar case, and this might not have happened, but some of us just ain’t got it like that, and I’m some of us.

I don’t want a dime from y’all. If you really want to help out, go slander United on Twitter.” 

Now, I understand that bags get tossed around when being loaded into a plane, but given these guitars were in hard shell chases, and you can see from Nat’s video that he even bubbled wrapped the inside of his guitar, it makes me question how much these cases were thrown around or squashed in the cargo space.

The damage is heartbreaking to see as these instruments not only carry sentimental value of the songs they have helped write or the lessons they have helped artists work through but also because this is their livelihood.

Hoping the airline comes around and distributes some funding to fix the situation at hand.

A GoFundMe has been started for Logan, so don’t be afraid to help out if you can.

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