Texas Nose Tackle T’Vondre Sweat Gets Hit With DWI Charge Less Than 3 Weeks Before NFL Draft

Texas DUI

Former Texas Longhorns star T’Vondre Sweat was arrested Sunday afternoon on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

The 22-year-old was expected to be a rather early Day 2 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but this incident will obviously put a dent in his stock.

Video has been released of Sweat walking out of Travis County Jail in Austin with his head covered.

Sweat tipped the scales at the NFL Scouting Combine at 366 pounds. BIG fella. While it’s unclear whether Sweat was intoxicated by some sort of drug, or indeed under the influence of alcohol, it’d take a lot to impair a man of his girth in any event. It’s hard to comprehend why and how the unanimous All-American, reigning Outland Trophy winner and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year put himself in this position only 18 days away from the NFL Draft.

Austin is a college town. It’s not, like, some obscure and remote part of Texas where finding an Uber or other ridesharing service would be a challenge, or so you’d assume. If he was worried about getting a parking ticket or something, Sweat could’ve easily paid it off. Way better than what wound up happening, that’s for sure.

The other top interior defensive linemen entering the draft are, for the most part, not true nose tackles like Sweat is. He has rare athleticism for his massive size, so I’m sure at least several teams would’ve been inclined to use an early second-round pick on him. If Sweat can explain away his situation well enough, perhaps his stock won’t suffer too much due to his unique skill set. That said, I’d be surprised if Sweat didn’t fall to the third round. You can’t do this right on the precipice of making the transition from college to the pros. Such a major turnoff.

What’s with Texas and automobile-related incidents involving future or current NFL players of late? First it was Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice’s reckless street racing accident, now Sweat’s DWI charge. Not a good look for yourselves, your state, or the NFL shield, fellas.

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