Woman Removed From Spirit Airlines Flight Delivers Most Theatrical Meltdown Performance Of All-Time

Spirit airline passenger removed from plane

Wow — that deserves an award.

It’s no secret that we love an airplane meltdown here at Whiskey Riff. Since the viral moment of “that mother ****** is not real” in 2023, passengers seem quick to whip out their phones when a meltdown is about to happen.

And that is exactly what this Spirit Airlines passenger did in what could be the 2024 version of ‘crazy airplane lady.’

The video shows Las Vegas police confronting a woman prior takeoff, asking her to leave the plane, but instead of grabbing her belongings and leaving the things and going, the video starts when she begins to put on a theatrical display. The meltdown showed a bug-eyed woman resisting the arrest by the officers, screaming at the other passengers.

“I can walk out on my own. Why are you doing that… why are you acting like I’m a rascal?”

She asked the officers but made no movements towards walking out alone.

“Let this go. Can I do that with freedom? All I care about is freedom!” 

After that statement, the theatrics were kicked up a notch as the officers told her she was under arrest. At first, she responds by telling the officers that she is not scared about getting arrested because she’s “been there before.” Then the lid flies off the situation, and all hell breaks loose.

As she stands up, she looks at other passengers and starts yelling:

“You’re hurting me, sheriff! You’re hurting me, sheriff. (insert dying, screaming demon-possessed sounds) Why are you choking… I can’t breathe. Why are you touching my leg? I can’t breathe.”

At this point, everyone on the plane is yelling at her to get off, and I don’t blame them. Aside from the pain my ears were in hearing her scream, these people wanted to get in the air to get home.

Her actions led to the flight attendants noting that they would have to deplane the aircraft. You can hear the anger in other passengers’ sighs as the woman continues to look crazy and resist the officers.

@realkingjon This is the whole uneditded video #fyp #viral #spiritairlines ♬ original sound – KingJon

Commenters quickly took to social media, wishing that this woman had found the help she needed, but noted that her performance followed suit of the airline she was flying. It was “Spirit(ed).”

“That’s an evil spirit in her.”

“Crazy spirits be on Spirit Airlines…”

“She’s for sure on something…”

“This is truly heartbreaking and sad.”

“Shout out to the person who FaceTimed for the free show…she’s a real one.”

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