Wyatt Flores Posts Cryptic Graphic Video, Seemingly Teases New Project ‘Half Life’

Wyatt Flores country music
Wyatt Flores

Is Wyatt Flores about to announce his next album?

If there is one thing that country music artists love to do these days, it is post cryptic photos or Instagram stories. Wyatt Flores’s latest story post adds him to the list of artists doing this. Flores told us at Whiskey Riff last fall that he is working on a massive three-part album representing different phases of life.

“So it’ll be about 21 to 22 songs. One giant album, and it all serves a purpose of where I was in my life in the beginning, middle and here I am now.”

Flores has already released the first part, Life Lessons, and is he teasing that the second part is coming soon? With his recent uptick in single releases of “Milwaukee” and a new one, “I Wish I Could Stay,” dropping tomorrow, this might be the next collection of songs.

This morning, Flores posted a short video on Instagram and Twitter (X) that highlights the skeleton-in-space theme he has utilized throughout many of his releases. The skeleton moves down a road and then climbs into a black hole-looking portal, and the words ‘Half Life’ appear.

If the theme remains true for cryptic posts, we should be gearing up for an announcement soon. And oh, boy, I hope it’s the second album of this project. Wyatt Flores, give us what we want.


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