With Reportedly Whiny Kenny Pickett Traded To The Eagles, The 2022 NFL Draft QB Class May Be The Worst Of All-Time

Kenny Pickett
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News has broken that 2022 first-round pick Kenny Pickett is headed to the Philadelphia Eagles to be Jalen Hurts’ backup. Going from a potential Year 3 quarterback competition in Pittsburgh with newly acquired Steelers vet Russell Wilson to holding a clipboard in Philly is the umpteenth example of life coming at somebody fast in the NFL.

However, in Pickett’s case, his departure from one of pro sports’ most celebrated organizations was largely based on how he carried himself once Wilson joined the team. That was only compounded by how Pickett reportedly comported himself when it came to previous demotions — de facto or otherwise.

What a freaking rap sheet to carry with you to your new NFL team. Damn, Kenny P.

Many a time and oft I referred to Pickett’s ceiling as 85% of my beloved Bengals superstar QB Joe Burrow. That might’ve been a generous assessment in retrospect, considering Pickett can’t even hold the jock of Burrow’s journeyman backup, Jake Browning.

With the 2024 NFL Draft quickly approaching and the initial frenzied free agency explosion largely behind us, the crown jewel of the ’22 draft QB class has officially confirmed his bust status by telling on himself and shying away from competition. Pickett’s demise quickly puts that crop of QBs in the running for the worst draft class ever at the position.

The only other class that even remotely registered to me as worse was the 2013 group. Like Pickett, Florida State product EJ Manuel was the only first-round pick that year, and he busted with a Buffalo Bills franchise ill-equipped to support him. Not much else to write home about from that crew until, that is, Geno Smith came from the top rope and led the Seattle Seahawks to one of the most improbable playoff appearances ever in 2022.

Geno Smith

F*ck yeah, Geno. Thank you for single-handedly saving this “2022 WOAT QB class” narrative for me. Keep doing your thing in Seattle. Drew Lock knew he couldn’t beat you out. Now he’s on the Giants to battle Daniel Jones and instant American icon Tommy DeVito. That’s what’s known as The Power of Geno.

Funnily enough, Sam Howell has the best chance for long-term success in the NFL from the 2022 crop of quarterbacks, and he’s now Geno’s backup.

But look at the rest of that 2022 class for a second. Damn. Desmond Ridder got his crack at a starting job in Atlanta last season, only to be benched for Taylor Heinicke. More than once if memory serves.

The Titans drafted Malik Willis to hopefully sit behind Ryan Tannehill and take over in a year, hell in two years’ time. How bad was he? Tennessee decided to use an even higher pick on Will Levis the very next year.

Ex-Ole Miss star Matt Corral couldn’t keep his act together to last more than a season with the dysfunctional Carolina Panthers. He then couldn’t last more than a month on the New England Patriots’ practice squad. Their QB depth chart consisted of recently traded first-round bust Mac Jones and a ’22 draft classmate in Bailey Zappe. The Battle of Mid arm talents between Jones and Zappe this past year was quite something to behold. And by “mid” I mean awful. Tough way for Bill Belichick to go down in New England.

The fact that Kenny Pickett couldn’t really separate himself from any of his rookie class peers is telling. At least they were so bad that they didn’t have to embarrass themselves on the field too often. The Steelers reached on Pickett because they became smitten with him as the local college kid. Now, they have a one-year patchwork QB in Wilson, will probably trade for Justin Fields, and are generally lost at figuring out the most important position in sports.

Tough day for all parties. Clearly Pickett is not franchise QB material, and unfortunately for Pittsburgh, they finally deployed their belated Ben Roethlisberger succession plan in the absolute worst year possible to draft somebody. OOF…

Somebody cap and check on this local Steelers radio personality Andrew Fillipponi. Might be an especially rough occasion for him.

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