Tommy DeVito Is An Absolute Unit, His Family Is Capturing America’s Hearts, & The Giants May Never Start Daniel Jones Again

Tommy DeVito
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Break out those “delectable” hand gestures. That’s what I’m calling them. I don’t know how else to describe it. New York Giants undrafted rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito is indeed cooking.

Total Cinderella story. The Italian bro from Jersey, killing it for the G-Men. Beating winning teams with playoff aspirations at home. Overcoming what appeared to be a winning TD pass from his counterpart, Packers rising star Jordan Love.

It was DeVito who actually played mistake-free football, using his arm and his legs to cut up Green Bay, as Love committed two critical turnovers. Saquon Barkley fumlbed the ball away to help set up the Packers’ late go-ahead score. From there, DeVito had to take charge, and take charge he did.

There’s so much more to this beyond the game, though. Nothing has hit the Big Apple so hard in the face and so out of nowhere since Jeremy Lin launched his “Linsanity” run with the New York Knicks. We’ve reached “legitimate cultural movement” status with DeVito’s story.

The DeVito family is seriously winning over all of America with their Italian-ness. What a freaking tailgate setup, first of all!

Ya boii would be defecating his brains out if he tried to mow down those meaty chicken cutlet sandwiches, but hey, it’s no surprise that the fine G-Men fans in the greater New York City area would be flocking to that spread en masse.

Who the actual f*ck is Tommy DeVito’s agent, by the way? What kind of suit is that? Is he in the mob?? I have so many questions.

The following X posts made me chuckle. You gotta love the DeVito family. With that type of agent in their orbit, I feel like a Sopranos analogy is apropos, no?

No but really, DeVito completed 17 of 21 passes for 158 yards and a TD to go with 71 rushing yards on 10 carries. Didn’t take a single sack despite playing behind a patchwork offensive line that’s not good even when it’s healthy.

Where does this leave Daniel Jones, I wonder? Not to be insensitive about his plight. Guy tore his ACL after getting paid like a franchise quarterback. Now that DeVito is balling out to this degree, it’s going to irk at least some fans to revert back to Jones in 2024.

Brian Daboll may be a screaming maniac behind the scenes whose assistants hate him. Apparently he loves him some Tommy DeVtio.

And in case you think this isn’t going to be a thing (read: a controversy), think about it for a second. Jones has an easy out in his contract during the 2025 offseason. Plus, um, there are nearer-term implications to consider.

Would the Giants want someone like DeVito to explode onto the scene like this, only to get a shot to start elsewhere and outperform Jones? Not that I think that’s actually going to happen. Then again, I also never thought of Tommy DeVito as an NFL-caliber QB, never mind a starter who could win games and play at a high level like he is now.

The memes about Jones vs. DeVito are hilarious, and to no one’s surprise, we prisoners of the moment on the Internet are already siding with DeVito. I’m sure his wholesome (?) family connections help the cause.

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