“They Never Should’ve Cut Me” – Bengals QB Jake Browning Stuck It To The Vikings & Is Playing So Well The NFL Thinks He’s On Drugs

Jake Browning

Hooooooh buddy. Jake Browning was fired up about beating his former team on Saturday. In overtime. With the season very much on the line. Without his WR1 Ja’Marr Chase down the stretch and into the extra quarter.

The Minnesota Vikings cut Browning multiple times, and the last time he was let go, the team didn’t even tell him directly. Browning found out through his agent that he no longer had a job after sitting in a hotel lobby for hours, with the vague promise that Minnesota might have a practice squad spot for him.

The victorious Cincinnati Bengals signal-caller called it, “the sh*ttiest” single time of many that he was cut by an NFL team.

What a freaking boss. Sure, Tee Higgins made some incredible plays, including an epic tying TD catch late in the fourth quarter. That was one of two TD grabs by Higgins, whose mom delighted in lighting up all the Internet trolls.

But hey, Browning had to make those plays. He had to beat an all-out Vikings blitz dialed up by the relentless Brian Flores. ALSO, it was Browning who made an incredible scramble drill completion to Tyler Boyd to set up the clinching field goal.

The odyssey of Browning’s professional career is almost impossible to fathom. There were so many times he could’ve thrown in the towel. When he came out of Washington, I never thought he’d amount to anything in the NFL. He was the most noodle-armed a** guy I’d ever seen who was actually good in college. have any business trying to compete at the professional level.

As it turns out, Jake Browning is, in fact, a baller — and is more than holding his own while filling in for a superstar QB in Joe Burrow.

The dude is playing so out of his skin right now that the NFL is requesting drug tests from him. I’m sure it’s because they want some of whatever he’s having.

Browning legitimately seems like he’s on the Limitless pill.

In all seriousness, with how hard Browning has had to grind to earn this dream opportunity to start after years of toiling away in obscurity, does the NFL really think he’s going to blow it all on some PEDs? Come on, Goodell. Be better than this. I feel like I say that a lot. Must be some merit to my persistent pleas.

Whatever. Browning’s test will come back clean. I’m 99.999999% certain of it. At Pittsburgh next Saturday. WHO DEYYYYY.

Other comments I had on the Bengals’ thrilling triumph below.

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