“You Sing Everybody’s Songs Better Than They Sing ‘Em” – Lainey Wilson Praises Kelly Clarkson For “Heart Like A Truck” Cover

Lainey Wilson country music
The Kelly Clarkson Show

Two girls with nothing but mutual respect for each other. You gotta love two female artists wholeheartedly supporting each other, and that is exactly what happened when Lainey Wilson appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. 

Both women are known for their powerful voices and for creating a sound that stays true to their roots; Lainey Wilson and Kelly Clarkson ARE those girls.

Lainey recently appeared on Clarkson’s talk show, and the two were fangirling over each other in the best way. Clarkson opened the conversation by asking Wilson about her Country’s Cool Again tour and how much she loves watching her perform.

“I saw you perform at the Academy of Country Music Awards, and you did “Grease.” Oh my god. Your whole body is moving and into the song. Everything is singing.”

Kelly Clarkson notes about Wilson’s electric stage presence. She makes the audience feel every beat of the song as she dances around the stage and gets the crowd going. While this was such a high compliment from Clarkson, Wilson has one that is even better for Clarkson.

“You’re the same way. You can feel it from the top of your head to the tips of your toes with every ounce of ya. I also know that you covered “Heart Like A Truck.” I just want to tell you this, and this is coming straight from my heart.

Even when you’re up here just covering everybody else’s songs, it’s not just like you just learned the words and you got up there. I mean, you are feeling it for everything that it is. I just want to say thank you for doing that. That means so much to me…”

Clarkson jumps in to respond to her praise:

“It means so much to me that you are writing music that inspires…especially just like a jaded, odd, just like ’90s country, you know what I’m saying.” 

Then Wilson says what we all think when Clarkson does her Kellyoke segments on the show and the stage.

“But you’re singing everybody’s songs better than their singing ’em! You better quit!”

Kelly Clarkson did let it rip during her cover of “Heart Like A Truck.” I love seeing these two lift each other up. Maybe a collaboration will be in their future one day. One can only hope.

Check out the cover from her Las Vegas show, where she sang Wilson’s song.

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