Nick Castellanos Goes Full Dad Mode On Batboy (His Son) Who Forgot To Get The Bat After Dad’s Home Run

Nick Castellanos
NBC Sports

Nick Castellanos is all of us dads…

Anyone who is a parent knows that children are incredibly frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are the absolute joy of my life (my youngest is only a month old, so there’s more sleeplessness than joy right now), but they’ll test your patience every way imaginable. I can’t even get through this blog without my 2-year-old asking me 400 different questions, demanding more waffles 2 hours after her breakfast, and screaming the “ABCs” at the top of her lungs.

It’s universal to all parents, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a lowly internet blogger like myself, or an All-Star outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Nick Castellanos jacked a home run yesterday in a spring training matchup against the Minnesota Twins, but when he got around to home plate, his bat was still laying there… bat boy nowhere to be found. And the bat boy just so happened to be his son, Liam.

Activate dad mode:

Gotta love it… it has the same “what the hell are you doing?” energy that I have when my toddler is jumping up and down on the bed, clothes torn out of the drawers, wipes and diapers flung everywhere.

When asked, Nick said he had to hold the kid accountable for falling asleep on the job.

“Because my bat was sitting right there. As a dad, I’ve got to hold him accountable.”

Respect. A teachable moment for the youngster who got caught admiring his old man’s bomb. It’s never the wrong time to teach your kids the value of doing a good job… even when you’re standing on home plate.

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