Jimmy Butler’s “Emo Haircut” Finally Comes Full Circle As NBA Player Stars In Fall Out Boy Music Video

Jimmy Butler
Fall Out Boy

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is a national treasure.

Not only is he one of the most intimidating players in the NBA, he’s a man of many other interests. Like a lot of other people, Butler loves coffee, and started his own coffee company during the pandemic. He’s also a big advocate for country music, and apparently has a huge country music album on its way (which he is producing).

Above all else, he seems to just really enjoy life, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. That’s why for the NBA’s media day last fall, he straightened his hair and went with an “Emo Jimmy” look. The joke being that media members would have to use those pictures of him with his new hairstyle for the rest of the year.

Butler has made it somewhat of a tradition to change things up on media day, and I’m honestly a huge fan of his antics. Changing up your look doesn’t hurt anything, so it’s really a situation of “no harm, no foul.”

But we’re now learning that the emo look might have had more than one purpose. Not only did Jimmy Butler sport it for media day, he also rocked it in a newly released music video from pop-punk legends Fall Out Boy.

Jimmy somehow brought together his emo look with a country-inspired outfit, fit with a purple cowboy hat that matched the rest of his colorful outfit.

Check out the teaser below:

The song is called “So Much (For) Stardust,” and though it doesn’t sound like Jimmy Butler sang on the track or anything, he definitely contributed with his dancing in the music video…or whatever you want to call the movements he was making in this “Emo Cowboy” clip.

Since he’s working on producing his own country music album, you can’t rule out that he might have helped out in the studio. Regardless, it’s nice to see Jimmy’s “emo cut” come full circle and really get another chance to shine in the spotlight.

Check it out:

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